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Featured Projects

43 Degrees Films & Consulting


A videography and multimedia solutions service team dedicated to creating visual and audio products that help you elevate your organization.

Express Your Perspective

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Manages all Organizational Operations including Press Releases, Correspondence, and  Scheduling.  


A community-based nonprofit working to empower justice-impacted women, girls, and families..

Empowering Individuals Inc.

Empowering Individuals, Inc. provides an emotionally safe and supportive environment for any individuals battling with elusive behaviors and want to change.


408 Works

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At 408 Works, we're all about doing business the old-fashioned way—handshakes and big iron on the hip. Proudly black female-owned, our clients are God-fearing, gun-toting, hardworking men and women of service and color. Straight-shooting enthusiasts, you're in good company. Here, we only have two types of customers: repeats and those who haven't met us yet.

Sherrie Betty's Vendor Care Packaging Service 


Sherrie Betty’s is your dedicated source for top-notch care packages. Our focus is solely on providing carefully crafted care packages that cater to the unique needs of those in correctional facilities.
We have distinguished ourselves from other vendors by being the best at what we do and by consistently going the extra mile to serve our clients in their time of need. 

Mel Go

From hard hitting drums, to captivating melodic sounds and sample flips, Mel Go Hard is not your average producer. As her name states, The hybrid genre producer/engineer strives to “go hard” in every aspect of her career.

Transition Journal

Transition Journal.jpg

The EYP Transition Journal provides guidance on how to best approach life's transitions while recognizing your self and aspirations every step of the way.

Doctor's Desk
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